The Journey

If you desire to walk in healing with a tribe of like-hearted people, and to grow in healing for the sake of your family, church, and community, we offer an ongoing experience of healing and identity called The Journey.

Some of our folks live in north Georgia and participate locally. We also have Journey members who live in other locations and participate by Zoom. We are all connected through our surrender to Christ, our support of each other, and our desire to live out our healing and identity in community.

What Is The Journey Like?

Here’s a letter from Kerri describing The Journey experience:

There are 12-25 on board with Transformations right now all combined taking classes, etc. spread out over the US. I have 12 that have committed to joining us on “The Journey.”

We meet once a month for 3-6 hours of training/teaching. After the lesson, I pair everyone up for prayer ministry over the following month. I have 6 that I have been training to do prayer ministry for 7-11 years. I pair them with the new ones so they can minister the topic/lesson of the month and also assist/train them in the process of prayer ministry.

We also have prayer groups/ministry groups that meet every Tuesday at Starbucks. They also go to jail on Tuesday night and minister there.

Communication in The Journey builds community through group text, Facebook message group, email group, and phone calls that we keep prayer chains, info, and intercession for our tribe/communities/families going every day.  I also use those communication channels for daily/weekly prophetic and scriptural insight. I feel it’s important for us all to be on the same page communicatively. And in that, very often we recognize that not only are we not alone, but oftentimes what we sense is affecting the entire Body of Christ.

I want to help those who want to be healed, and train those who want to be trained, but my main goal is to come alongside those who are seeking their authentic selves in Christ Jesus. We all need mentors and a tribe to grow, and that is what we are building.

We (as a tribe) speak life and truth into each other about life-giving and/or destructive patterns we see in each other and cause each other to rise in integrity, character, and in Christ. It’s a beautiful, painful adventure that is anything but boring. We all have the highest goal of healing and being healed.

The fee for The Journey is $125 per month and that includes a prayer ministry session (normally $85 per hour), the training, and daily/weekly, ongoing insight/help from me and community. It also includes any retreats/seminars that we offer (not including food/lodging). We travel together to conferences, churches, dinner, fun, bonfires, kayaking, and whatever we can do to enjoy this beautiful life we’ve been given.

That’s it in a nutshell but certainly not limited to. That’s a simple explanation but if you’d like to come to a training or meet the Tuesday team at Starbucks just let me know! Or if you want to jump right in, you could join us for our next meeting?

God Bless,


Next Steps

We have people in The Journey from all over the US. Those who live in north Georgia meet locally, and those who live “afar” join us live via Zoom. We all get together and celebrate when our “afars” come to visit as well.

If The Journey sounds like the experience you are looking for, please prayerfully review the vision, commitment, and fee info below:

Vision Statement for the Journey 2019

Commitment for the Journey

Journey Fee Info

If interested, please contact Kerri directly for the interview and application process.

Christian Inner Healing
Kerri Johnson is the Founder, Coordinator, and Spiritual Director of Transformations.


Our Journey tribe members continue to share testimonies of the healing work God is doing in their lives and families. We hope you will be blessed by our testimonies.

Interested in The Journey, but not quite ready?

Let’s stay in touch! We have a very active Facebook page called “Transformations,” and it’s one of the best ways to connect with us. 

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