Family Prayer Workshop

A family that prays together is transformed together. In this four-hour class, you will learn 10 interactive and creative steps toward growing your family prayer life. You will leave this class with hands-on projects that will get your family praying together that very day. Choose your favorite project to start with, and enjoy watching as your family focuses together on God and each other. You can take the class as an individual, or gather your family and learn together.

When: TBA for live, instructor-led Zoom course

Ready to start right away? The instructor also offers this workshop as a self-paced online class ($15) that you can start today. 

Where: Your instructor will meet you and the class online via Zoom. You can take this class right from your home computer.

Cost: $45

Instructor: Janet Eriksson

To Register: Please contact the instructor (below) to learn about upcoming workshop dates live via Zoom.

Groups: If you gather a group of 5 people or more, we will set our next workshop time based on your schedule. Let us know!

The instructor also offers this workshop as a self-paced online class ($15) that you can start today. 

She also offers other prayer courses live “on demand” for groups or self-paced online. 

Questions? Info? Please contact your instructor Janet directly: janet [dot] copy [at] gmail [dot] com.

A family that prays together is transformed together.

A praying family is powerful. Prayer helps families grow closer, stand in faith through difficult times, encourage each other to become who God created each family member to be, and impact the community around them.

Whether your family prays a little, a lot, or not at all, this workshop will give you 10 creative, interactive ways to grow as a family that prays.

You will learn how to start out praying more together, in ways that reflect who you are as a family. You will take away keys for moving deeper together in prayer as a family. Your will learn how to listen to God’s heart for each person and interact even more in prayer.

When you give God your prayers, watch what He will do. You will be amazed at how God responds to your family prayer time. God bless you!

Even if your family doesn’t live with you, you can benefit from this class. You will come away with ideas for praying for your family no matter where they are.

This course is made available by Kerri Johnson Ministries.


About Your Instructor
Janet Eriksson is a prayer minister, writer, and teacher in Dahlonega, Georgia. As an intercessor, Janet served for many years on a church staff facilitating prayer for the church family and teaching prayer classes. Now she facilitates prayer in her community and intercedes for community needs, as well as for individuals, families (including her own extended family), and Kerri Johnson Ministries. She blogs about prayer, including family prayer and children’s prayer, at her website Adventures with God. She also teaches a children’s workshop called Prayer Time with Kids. Janet looks forward to meeting you and is excited about your heart to grow as a praying family.
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