Devotional Writing Workshop

If you’ve ever wanted to write a devotional, this is your class.

In this five-hour writing workshop, you will learn step-by-step how to create ideas and write a devotional.

You will enjoy drawing inspiration from the Bible through prayer to create a devotional using seasonal themes.

You will enjoy creating your devotional during the workshop. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to polish it and send it to your instructor for feedback.

When: TBA

Where: Your instructor will meet you and the class online via Zoom. You can take this class right from your home computer.

Cost: $55

Instructor: Janet Eriksson

To Register: Please contact the instructor (below) to learn about upcoming workshop dates.

Groups: If you gather a group of 5 people or more, we will schedule our next workshop at a date that is convenient for you. Let us know!

The instructor also offers this Devotional Writing workshop as a self-paced online course ($35) that you can start today. 

She also offers other Christian writing workshops live “on demand” for groups or self-paced online.

Questions? Info? Please contact your instructor directly: janet [dot] copy [at] gmail [dot] com.

Have you been wanting to write a devotional?

Devotionals are one of the most amazing and powerful ways to encourage people in their daily lives and to inspire people to draw closer to God. Devotionals encourage people to read God’s Word daily. They help people connect God’s Word with the immediate situations in their lives. Devotional writing is a wonderful way to share God’s love. Most importantly, when you write devotionals, you will enjoy an amazing time in God’s presence and in His Word.

How do you write a devotional? Where do you come up with ideas for devotional writing?
This course will walk with you step by step, as you prayerfully learn how to write a devotional and how to come up with endless ideas to keep you writing devotionals for years to come.


You will leave this workshop with a completed devotional inspired by the Bible and prayer, and using a theme from the current season. Seasonal themes are a wonderful and creative way to get started with devotional writing.


After the workshop, you will have the opportunity to send your devotional to your instructor for feedback.


This course is made available by Transformations.


About Your Instructor


Janet Eriksson is a prayer minister, writer, and teacher in Dahlonega, Georgia. Author of eight books, she has been writing and editing professionally for clients since 2003. Janet has been trained in many aspects of writing, including devotionals, books, blogs, and more. Publisher of Reflections Christian online magazine, she also blogs at her website Adventures with God.


Janet has enjoyed teaching workshops over the years to encourage Christian writers. One of her favorite workshops is the devotional writing workshop, where she has taught individuals how to write devotionals and has helped churches, a Christian school, and a Christian ministry put together devotional booklets. Janet looks forward to meeting you and helping you learn how to write your devotional.
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