Don’t Disparage the Trials in Life

Don’t disparage the trials in life … THEY, are, in fact, what God has allowed to bring us to death in our SELVES and to resurrect in us who God has created us to be in the first place. Our problem, unfortunately, is that we strap those dead bodies to our back and carry them around claiming injustice.

In carrying them, we remain focused on the smelly rotten flesh instead of the lesson that God has desired. Soooo … God allows us another lesson of similar effect. He allows us the choice to continue collecting the dead weight until OUR bodies start to decay and wreak on their own … THEN, we often, recognize the death and our choice, or not. And the pattern continues. Our choice. LIFE or DEATH … (By the way, this message has no intent to anyone other than myself.) Revelations on the porch by Kerri Johnson, lol.